Tuesday, March 20, 2012

the hour of the star

i'm currently reading the 'the hour of the star' by clarice lispector. i'm only a third of the way through. pretty sweet read so far. some quotes i like:

a) "When she was a little girl, her aunt, in order to frighten her, insisted that the vampire –– the one that sucks human blood by biting its victims in the flesh of the neck –– casts no reflection in the mirror. She reckoned that it might not be such a bad thing being a vampire, for the blood would add a touch of pink to her sallow complexion."

b) "I write because I have nothing better to do in this world: I am superfluous and last in the world of men. I write because I am desperate and weary. I can no longer bear the routine of my existence and, were it not for the constant novelty of writing, I should die symbolically each day. Yet I am prepared to leave quietly by the back door. I have experienced almost everything, even passion and despair. Now I only wish to possess what might have been but never was."

c) "I want to except my freedom without reaching the conclusion like so many others: that existence is only for fools and lunatics: for it would seem that to exist is illogical."

deep shit.

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