Friday, April 20, 2012

maurice ravel

this shit kicked my ass. never heard of this guy before. where the fuck have i been?

the beginning is so fuckin killer. just a slow fog of dark, brooding sounds. but then the lighter strings and woodwinds sneak in, mixing around with that initial haunting swamp of noise. then they just merge  into some storm of joy and terror before the waltz kicks in. and what a fuckin waltz.

glenn gould did a piano transcription of this shit. it's impressive. imagine trying to capture everything about the piece above and playing it all on one instrument. how daunting. but then again, he's glenn fuckin gould. i wonder if he got any groupies.

he had to have. he had to have gotten groupies.

but all this shit might be really fucking boring to you. in that case, here's something else, you dirty fuck:

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