Friday, May 4, 2012


i usually don't get sad when musicians die, but MCA was a personal hero of mine, ever since the first time i listened to the beastie boys as an awkward brown kid in middle school. in a weird way, i looked up to him, ad-rock, and mike d as older brothers. they were just so fuckin cool. id scour the net to watch interviews and live performances. id download all their shit, and then all the shit that they were influenced by, and then all the shit that those influences were influenced by. in high school, id make videos with my friends that pretty much ripped them off. in college, the first internship i ever got was for MCA's company, oscilloscope laboratories. i learned a lot there. fuck i cant believe he's dead.

my top 5 favorite beastie boys, uh, things...

5. live earth - always gets me excited

4. sabotage - always makes me happy

3. i fuckin love charlie rose. really bizarre that he interviewed the beastie boys. i think he had jay-z on one time too. they talk about how they started at 18:00m.

2. live on letterman. mca's opening verse is to sick. i wish i could growl like that.

1. sure shot video. fresh as fuck.

cuz ya cant, ya wont, and ya dont stop.

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