Thursday, July 5, 2012

summer tv line-up

with my time off, i've been able to watch tv, something i've been meaning to get back into for a while. here's my line-up:

Yakitate!! Japan –
An innovative young baker, gifted with legendary 'Solar Hands', is determined to create a national bread for Japan (calling it "Ja-pan"; "pan" is Japanese for "bread"; so many puns on this show).

Terriers –
An recovering alcoholic (ex-cop) runs an unlicensed private investigating business with his partner (former thief).

Kids on the Slope –
1960s Japan. An introverted teenager moves to a new town and develops a friendship with the class troublemaker through jazz music.

Futurama –
The interplanetary/intergalactic/interdimensional exploits of a 31st century delivery company.

Twin Peaks –
David Lynch's mystery comedy/drama following the murder investigation of popular teenager Laura Palmer.

Louie –
Louis C.K.'s semi-autobiographical comedy series, set in present-day New York City (personally I think it's the best comedy series on tv, ever made).

Veronica Mars –
The daughter of a private eye solves various cases in and around her curious San Diego beach town (props to flickchick85 for editing the promo below).

Alfred Hitchcock Presents –
A collection of devilishly clever, suspenseful, puzzling, and macabre short television dramas.

...and of course, on the 15th I'm gonna have to put this back on the top of my queue:

all hail the king.

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