Saturday, November 3, 2012


I forgot how fucking hard movie editing is. It literally is the grammar and style of the filmmaking language, so you could imagine the vast complexities and endless permutations one encounters. I have been in the editing stage of my thesis film for the past several months, the main reason for my lack of entries among other things. I've found these pieces of information useful.

from Sidney Lumet (I guess it's from his book, Making Movies):

        • the two basic principles of editing are juxtaposing images and creating tempo.

from Stanley Kubrick:

        • four questions you gotta ask yourself: 
                Is it good or bad?
                Is it necessary?
                Can I get rid of it?
                Does it work?

        • a choice quote: "I cut everything to the bone. Get rid of everything that isn't essential."

and finally a video from Orson Welles (idc how much of a shitshow he became towards the end, what a guy):

reading this post over again, i find it funny that i pulled tips from directors rather than actual editors. but it's hard to find a good interview online. i also find it interesting that the editors i consider to be the greatest are all women (my dream editing harem would be with schoonmaker, morse, allen and menke).

here's some nice editing:

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